PostgreSQL 8.2 is out of the door. Unfortunately the plans for a more detailed todo list have not come into reality yet to assist in for the next 8.3 release. A couple people have replied to my earlier request to form a little team willing to work on this, but unfortunately people seem to have time constraints that prohibit them from working on this.

I am still willing to spend time on being the person secretary of people, but I do not know enough about the internals of PostgreSQL to do this on my own, let alone start an initial list like I did for the PHP project.

My goal is to for now cover the tricky long running todo's, document their progress, the people involved as well as any discussions and more importantly their conclusions. This should make it easier for other people to help on these todo's, or even take over if for some reason the original people do not have time to complete the todo themselves. This should also help people like Bruce, because they can get an idea about the progress without necessarily having to track down the people involved and it should also make the progress more transparent to end users.

This is essentially what was started with the developers wiki already [1]. It seems the wiki is already seeing good use for the XML support and query progress indicator.

Again, I am here and willing to help. I do not want to hassle this list with a lengthy thread, so hopefully the result will just be someone pushing me into the right directions.


[1] http://developer.postgresql.org/

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