Matt Miller írta:
The [pgcluster-1.7.0rc1-patch] patch applies to the 8.2.0 tarball ...
However, the patch will not apply to cvs branch REL8_2_0.
I've been told that the pgcluster patch patches some generated files
(parse.h and other apparently).

Yes, I could not at first apply to REL8_2_0 because the patch file
wanted to patch src/backend/parser/gram.c.  At that point I started over
with a fresh REL8_2_0, ran "./configure; make", and tried the patch
again.  That's when I got a bunch of failures and fuzz.  The problem
files are:


So, I suppose libpq.rc is a derived file, also?

Now I have two questions.  First, why does pgcluster patch derived
files?  Is this just sloppy/lazy technique, or could there be some


E.g. PGCluster patches configure, not,
among others. The sugar on the top is PGCluster ruins
the nice portability of PostgreSQL. E.g. plain usage of
fork() without considering EXEC_BACKEND
is not portable across archs.

deeper reason?  I realize this is properly to be posed to the pgcluster
folks, but they don't seem to be too responsive, at least not to their
pgfoundry forums.

Second, does it make sense that the derived files that rejected the
patch would be so different between the 8.2.0 tarball and my
REL8_2_0 build?

If the autotools and bison is different,
they may certainly produce different files.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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