When psql is running and CRTL + \ is pressed, a core dumped show up.
In first place I ran psql into gdb, saw the backtrace and I believed
it was a libc6 bug and I reported to my distro security team

 Ubuntu edgy has got libc-2.4, a friend of my tested in Linux with
libc-2.3 and nothing happened. I don't know why in my libc version
(2.4) this happen.

 So, with humility :-) I want to help and I wrote a patch with a
solution, you can have it in the next link:
http://media.forestal.udec.cl/pgsql/startup.diff  I do not wanted to
sent it as an attachment

 My solution is catch the SIGQUIT signal and abort in silence, just that.


PS: sorry my English

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