Hi Asaba-san.

From: "Yoshiyuki Asaba"

Is it able to use fsetpos()/fgetpos() instead of ftell()/fseek()?
fpos_t is a 8byte type. I tested pg_dump/pg_restore with the attached

I'm sorry the response ..slowly...my machine reacts for the reasons of poverty late. Last night.. I was actually looking at your proposal. I was trying correcting by another point. It also saw one solution. I think content that your proposal also contributes enough. However, I think there is worry that Magnus-san means, too. There are your proposal, a proposal of Andreas-san, and my proposal now. Surely, I think that it offers Magnus-san again after arranging these by a good solution.:-)

I understand, your a lot time be spent on this work.
Oh..., It takes large amount of time to big data...

Anyway, thanks!!:-)

Hiroshi Saito

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