I'm teaching a class this week and a student asked me about OIDs. He related the story of how in Sybase, if you moved a database from one server from another, permissions got all screwed up because user IDs no longer matched. I explained that exposing something like an integer ID in a user interface or an API is just a bad idea and PostgreSQL doesn't do that.

Then I got to pg_autovacuum....

So... is there any reason there isn't a prescribed interface to pg_autovacuum that doesn't expose vacrelid? Can we get that added to TODO?

Also, in the meantime, it would make things a lot easier if the fields in pg_autovacuum had appropriate defaults... vacrelid should stay as-is with no default, enabled should default to true, and the remaining fields should default to -1 so they use the system settings.

Also, I don't see a TODO about dumping pg_autovacuum; it seems that should be added. Of course, we wouldn't want to just dump the table itself since vacrelid would become invalid, but once there is a means to alter vacuum settings for a table by name presumably it should be relatively easy to add a section to pg_dump that outputs the appropriate code to change the settings in pg_autovacuum.
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