> The remainder of this email talks about general principles for all
> developers, not just for company employees.  If we need more text in
> this area, it should be added to the developer's FAQ.  Feel free to
> suggest additions to that.
> I am kind of stumped that we have so much text in the developer's FAQ,
> but it seems many people don't know what is in there.  The Developer's
> FAQ is referenced in the main FAQ, and on the web site.  I am inclinded
> to think that developers know the contents of the developer's FAQ, but
> think they know better, and go ahead and do what they want anyway.  I
> have no idea how to fix that.  :-(

We don't accept patches from anyone who doesn't follow the developer FAQ
rules. Which means of course, that I need to go read it ;)


Joshua D. Drake


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