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> I'm new to the forums, so bear with me on my questions. I've set up an
> auto-archive and auto-recover pair of databases using pg_standby,
> which I'm prototyping various products for high availability. 

Thanks for the feedback. pg_standby was written as a by-product of some
WAL recovery testing, so its in use, but only by me so far.

> I've noticed that when I attempt to fail from the primary archiver to
> the secondary recovery db using the pg_standby trigger file, the
> secondary detects the trigger file, flags that it couldn't read the
> current WAL file pg_standby was waiting on, then attempts to read in
> the previous WAL file. I use the -m option in pg_standby, so the
> previous WAL file no longer exists, which causes the secondary
> postgres to "panic" on not being able to open the previous WAL and
> terminates. Is there a way to prevent the looking for the previous, or
> preserving the previous WAL file so that when the trigger file is
> detected, the secondary will come all the way up, completely its
> recovery mode? 

Well, on a separate point I realised today that the -m option is faster
but just doesn't work perfectly with restartable recovery, so I had
already decided before reading this post that the move option needs to
be removed. Doubly so, now. Apologies for my slip.

Use the default copy mode and it should work fine.

The reason for the -m option was performance. Recovery is I/O-bound,
with 50% of the CPU it does use coming from IsRecordValid() - which is
where the CRC checking takes place. (I can add an option to recover
without CRC checks, if anyone wants it, once I've rejigged the option
parsing for recovery.conf.)

Should be able to use hard links, i.e. ln -f -s /archivepath/%f %p
instead. I'll test that tomorrow then issue a new version.

I'll also add a signal handler for SIGINT and SIGQUIT.


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