Joshua D. Drake wrote:

Per the TODO list:

Allow pg_hba.conf to specify host names along with IP addresses
Host name lookup could occur when the postmaster reads the pg_hba.conf
file, or when the backend starts. Another solution would be to reverse
lookup the connection IP and check that hostname against the host names
in pg_hba.conf. We could also then check that the host name maps to the
IP address.

I was considering trying to attack this for 8.3. My thoughts are the

Allow one to specify a FQDN or a simple wild card DN. E.g;

A valid entry would look like this:

host    all         all         *          trust
host    all         all          md5

Before we rehearse the discussion we had in June again, please review it. It ended on these sensible words from Tom at :

> Personally, I doubt there's any great use case for DNS names. Like Tom > says, if it involves much more that removing the AI_NUMERICHOST hint > then let's forget it.

Perhaps more to the point: let's do that and wait to see if the field
demand justifies expending lots of sweat on anything smarter.  Given
that we've gone this long with only allowing numeric IPs in pg_hba.conf,
I suspect we'll find that few people really care.



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