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> On 12/28/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Galy Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > So I am thinking another way to perform vacuum. For example vacuum can
>> > be refined in a maintenance time frame like "VACUUM IN 6 HOURS", and
>> > then vacuum operation will be performed within the window. The delay
>> > time is adjusted internally to spread the disk I/O over the time frame.
>> And you will manage that how?  The total amount of work to be done is
>> quite unpredictable.
> specially for something you already can do with cron (*nix) or job
> scheduler (windows)

That seems like a nonsequitor here...

Using cron to try to "make vacuums spread over 6 hours" seems to me
like an attempt to try to do that in as terrible a way possible.

If you're trying to spread work over time, you need to use something
that actively monitors the results, as opposed to a tool that is
entirely "fire and forget" (and perhaps forget to work), like cron.

It seems to me that the answer is much more along the lines of making
a greatly more intelligent autovacuum.  Something offering:
 - Queueing work (e.g. - in this case, we want to schedule a vacuum
      of "everything")
 - Processing that work; perhaps sometimes with multiple threads to
   do multiple vacuums
 - Perhaps using time estimates to determine any vacuum delay
   GUC values to be applied

How you get the work to spread consistently across 6 hours is a
challenge; personally, my preference would generally be to try to get
the work done ASAP, so the goal seems a tad off to me...
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