>> I uninstalled postgresql, removed the 5 files mentioned above from
>> system32. When I installed 8.2.0 again, the installer reported that
>> "The installer has detected an incompatible version of OpenSSL
>> installed in your system PATH. PostgreSQL requires OpenSSL 0.9.7 or
>> later. If you remove your OpenSSL files (LIBEAY32.DLL and
>> SSLEAY32.DLL) the installer will install the new version
>> automatically.". However, during the second installation, none of the
>> 5 files mentioned above were reinstalled in system32, only in the
>> postgresql bin directory, as during the first installation. Is the
>> report of the missing libeay32 and ssleay32 a superfluous leftover
>> from the previous versions when these files were installed in
>> system32?
>Are you sure they are not present in some *other* directory on your
>system that's in the PATH?

You're right. After they were removed from both C:\windows and 
C:\windows\system32 the installer did no longer report incompatible OpenSSL 

By the way: E.1.3.15. Win32 Port "Allow MSVC to compile the PostgreSQL server 
(Magnus, Hiroshi Saito)". Does this mean that the precompiled windows version 
of postgresql will be compiled by MSVC (I assume you can use the free 2005 
express edition), or still by MinGW. I guess this will affect which compiler 
one should use for compilation of C-functions?


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