On Sun, Dec 31, 2006 at 05:43:45PM +0100, Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > What you seem to have here is infinite recursion during relcache
> > initialization.  That's surely not hard to believe, considering I just
> > whacked that code around, and indeed changed some of the tests that are
> > intended to prevent such recursion.  But what I don't understand is why
> > it'd be platform-specific, much less not perfectly repeatable on the
> > platforms where it does manifest.  Anyone have a clue?
> fwiw - I can trigger that issue now pretty reliably on a fast Opteron
> box (running Debian Sarge/AMD64) with make regress in a loop - I seem to
> be able to trigger it in about 20-25% of the runs.
> the resulting core however looks totally stack corrupted and not really
> usable :-(

By reducing the stack size on jackal from the default of 8MB to 3MB, I
can get this to trigger in roughly 30% of the runs while preserving the
passed tests in the other parallel groups.


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