Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> a friend of mine ran into a problem installing PostgreSQL 8.0.9 on a
>> Windows XP Pro machine. Before anyone is asking: it has to be a 8.0.x
>> version and we even tried to install 8.2 and it did not work.
>> Ok, the problem is: after installing all the files the installer wants
>> to init the db and fails with the following error:
>> "Failed to create process for initdb: Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen: Dem
>> Benutzer wurde der geforderte Anmeldetyp auf diesem Computer nicht
>> erteilt."
>> The german message means: "Login failed: a requested login
>> type was not given to the user on this computer."
>> Since the message was returned in german and the installer was
>> started in english, the message is generated by windows.
> See the FAQ at
> (question 3.3).

I discussed this briefly with Robert on IM yesterday - he told me the
account was installer created. Without a PC at the time I couldn't look
into it further :-(

Regards, Dave.

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