Tino Wildenhain wrote:
On 1/4/07, Gavin Sherry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Thu, 4 Jan 2007, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Pulling branches from
anonvcvs regularly might be burdensome bandwidth-wise. So, like you say, a
local mirror would be beneficial for patch testing.

Right some sort of local mirror would definitely speed things up.

Easier speedup in this regard would be using subversion instead
of cvs. It transfers only diffs to your working copy (or rather,
to your last checkout) so its really saving on bandwidth.

cvs update isn't too bad either. I just did a substantial update on a tree that had not been touched for nearly 6 months, and ethereal tells me that total traffic was 7343004 bytes in 7188 packets. Individual buildfarm updates are going to be much lower than that, by a couple of orders of magnitude, I suspect.

If we were to switch to subversion we should do it for the right reason - this isn't one.



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