Possibly, to merge the two programs. I'm intending to put some time into
the append and seperating globals items, but I don't think I have the
time to merge the apps given Tom's concerns and some further investigation.

Regards, Dave.

Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Is there a TODO here?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Dave Page wrote:
>>>> I don't object to it in principle, but I think a bit more thought is
>>>> needed as to what's the goal.  A stupid "append" option would be enough
>>>> for pg_dumpall's current capabilities (ie, text output only) --- but is
>>>> it reasonable to consider generalizing -Fc and -Ft modes to deal with
>>>> multiple databases, and if so how would that need to change pg_dump's
>>>> API?  (I'm not at all sure this is feasible, but let's think about it
>>>> before plastering warts onto pg_dump, not after.)
>>> Hmm, OK. I'll need to have a good look at the code before I can even
>>> think about commenting on that, which will have to wait until after I've
>>> finished bundling releases.
>> And having done so, I agree that it's not really feasible without
>> significant effort to allow each archive format to be closed and
>> re-opened between multiple instances of pg_dump and pg_dumpall, as well
>> as to allow them to support multiple databases and global objects
>> (though they can effectively live in the default DB of course) within a
>> single archive. I'm fairly certain it would be easier to merge the two
>> programs as originally suggested, though that does indeed look trickier
>> (and more dangerous) than I originally envisaged.
>> How about adding the append option, but leaving it undocumented. That
>> way if anyone gets the itch to do a full rewrite in the future we
>> haven't necessarily got to continue to support an option we no longer want?
>> Regards, Dave.
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