I am not clear about what is being proposed. Currently buildfarm syncs
against (or pulls a fresh copy from, depending on configuration) either
the main anoncvs repo or a mirror (which you can get using cvsup or rsync,
among other mechanisms). I can imagine a mechanism in which we pull
certain patches from a patch server (maybe using an RSS feed, or a SOAP
call?) which could be applied before the run. I wouldn't want to couple
things much more closely than that.

I'm thinking that a SOAP call might be easier to implement?  The RSS
feed seems like it would be more interesting as I am imagining that a
buildfarm system might be able to react to new patches being added to
the system.  But maybe that's a trivial thing for either SOAP or an
RSS feed.

I'd be quite happy with SOAP. We can make SOAP::Lite an optional load module, so if you don't want to run patches you don't need to have the module available.

The patches would need to be vetted first, or no sane buildfarm owner will
want to use them.

Perhaps as a first go it can pull any patch that can be applied
without errors?  The list of patches to test can be eventually
restricted by name and who submitted them.

This reasoning seems unsafe. I am not prepared to test arbitrary patches on my machine - that seems like a perfect recipe for a trojan horse. I want to know that they have been vetted by someone I trust. That means that in order to get into the feed in the first place there has to be a group of trusted submitters. Obviously, current postgres core committers should be in that group, and I can think of maybe 5 or 6 other people that could easily be on it. Perhaps we should leave the selection to the core team.



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