On 11-Jan-07, at 12:49 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

Dave Cramer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
the point is that the documentation suggests that the default is 8
not 8MB, but 8, when in fact the defaults are now given in memory
units not pages

Oh, I thought you were complaining that the value was numerically wrong.

Perhaps we should convert the documentation to show the defaults in a
units-ified way, but if so it needs to be done consistently.  Most of
the entries seem not to have been changed; for example shared_buffers
is still described in blocks.

Yes, everything is described in blocks, but in the configuration file everything (I've looked at so far) is specified in memory units. While I appreciate the effort that went into making it somewhat easier to use memory units I can see this being very confusing for the average user.

I would suggest that the documentation needs to be consistent with the example configuration file installed by initdb


                        regards, tom lane

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