On Thu, 11 Jan 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

> (You know, of course, that my opinion is that no sane person would run a
> production database on Windows in the first place.  So the data-loss
> risk to me seems less of a problem than the unexpected-failures problem.
> It's not like there aren't a ton of other data-loss scenarios in that OS
> that we can't do anything about...)
>                       regards, tom lane

PLEASE OH PLEASE document every f-ing one of them! (And I don't mean
document Windows issues as comments in the source code. Best would be in
the official documentation/on a web page.) On occasion, I could *really*
use such a list! (If such already exists, please point me at it!)

Thing is, Tom, not everybody has the same level of information you have on
the subject...


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