Our pgstats.stat file is 40M for 8.2, on 8.1 it was 33M. Our schema size hasn't grown *that* much in the two weeks since we upgraded

I'm not sure if this sheds any more light on the situation, but in scanning down through the process output from truss, it looks like the first section of output was a large chunk of reads on pgstat.stat, followed by a larger chunk of reads on the global directory and directories under base - this whole section probably went on for a good 6-7 minutes, though I would say the reads on pgstat likely finished within a couple of minutes or so. Following this there was a phase were it did a lot of seeks and reads on files under pg_clog, and it was while doing this (or perhaps it had finished whatever it wanted with clogs) it dropped into the send()/SIGUSR1 loop that goes for another several minutes.


Tom Lane wrote:

I wrote:
(2) Reconsider whether last-vacuum-time should be sent to the collector

Actually, now that I look, the collector already contains this logic:

    * Don't create either the database or table entry if it doesn't already
    * exist.  This avoids bloating the stats with entries for stuff that is
    * only touched by vacuum and not by live operations.

and ditto for analyze messages.  So my idea that the addition of
last-vac-time was causing an increase in the statistics file size
compared to 8.1 seems wrong.

How large is your $PGDATA/global/pgstat.stat file, anyway?

                        regards, tom lane

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