>  BTW: what happens on Windows if we're trying to do the equivalent
> > of "rm -rf database-dir" and someone is holding open one of the
> files
> > in the directory?  Or has the directory itself open for readdir()?

For the first definity and I think for the second, when doing it from the 
commandline, you get a 'cannot delete the directory because it is not empty'.
I'm not sure if our implementation for dealing with open files also work with 

> And I wonder what happens if Windows "copy" command is accessing the
> data files when bgwriter tries to open them for fsync, or the reverse
> of it.  copy would fail? 

Sharing violation.

> If so, it means that online backup sometimes
> fails.

Any backup software backing up *Anything* online should be using 
VSS or a custom OFM. and all real solutions do. 


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