Tom Lane wrote:
"Takayuki Tsunakawa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Still, I don't understand well why config files need to be placed
outside the data directory, except for daring conform to FHS.

The killer argument for it is that most of what is in $PGDATA should be
excluded from your normal filesystem backup method, because you need to
be using some database-aware mechanism for backing up the database.  But
the config files are perfectly suited for standard filesystem backup,
and indeed will *not* be covered by, say, pg_dumpall.  So putting them
somewhere else helps in creating a coherent backup strategy.


My backup setup excludes subdirectories of the data dir, rather than the data dir itself.

Meeting FHS requirements is no bad thing, though. And the ability to include a common configuration set in multiple instances is surely useful to a number of people. After all, you aren't forced to use these facilities - I typically don't.



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