I have a production database that is running on Win32 NTFS with
PostgreSQL 8.2.1.  The drive that the data is stored on is dedicated to
PostgreSQL data files (transaction log stored on a separate disk)  The
data partition is currently 44% fragmented, which I believe is
resulting in performance degradation.  I don't have any benchmarks

"Joshua D. Drake" wrote:
> Hello,
> I ran a simple test... I ran defrag on my drives. Then I initialized
> pgbench with a -s 1000.
> 11% fragmentation. I dropped the bench database, and my fragmentation is 1%.
> I know this isn't *our* fault :) but I am curious if there is anything
> we can do about the way postgresql writes files to help limit fragmentation.
> Essentially, this makes win32 impossible in a 24x7 environment (jokes
> aside about Win32 in general) because we *have* to defrag on Windows and
> Windows won't defrag open files (thus anything PostgreSQL is using).
> Sincerely,
> Joshua D. Drake
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