Tom Lane wrote:
> AFAICT, every buildfarm machine that runs ecpg tests has been failing
> since Peter's patch here:
> Now it looks to me like Peter was simply wrong: we do need to include
> libpq because libecpg depends on it.  However, I tried reverting the
> change and things still did not work.  The reason is that the test
> programs are built with relative paths to libpq that look like
>       ../../../../../src/interfaces/libpq/

This is a symptom specific to HP-UX, which hardcodes the link-time 
library path into the output.  The ECPG test probably never worked 

> and then executed one level up from where they were built, causing
> the relative path to be no good.  I suspect the only reason it has
> been appearing to work for awhile is that people had usable copies
> of libpq and perhaps libecpg installed in system-standard library
> directories.  Take away those preinstalled libs, or render them
> version-incompatible, and the ecpg tests stop working.

I don't have any matching preinstalled libraries anywhere and I verified 
with ldd that it seems to look in the expected places for both 
libraries, and indeed the tests pass for me, so I don't know what's 
going on.
Peter Eisentraut

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