> I'd like to see a TODO item to allow an *option* to be set to choose
> between these two transactional behaviours.
> - abort on error
> - continue on error i.e. COMMIT can/might succeed - though there are
> still cases where it cannot, such as a serializable exception.
> That's a major change I agree, but the first step to its implementation
> is to agree that it might be desirable to allow it.

At a minimum we need to stop forcing a rollback just because we have a
syntax error. It makes development a complete pain in the butt and is
one of the most, "WTF" looks I get when I am training.

postgres=# begin;
postgres=# create table foo (bar ints);
ERROR:  type "ints" does not exist
postgres=# create table foo (bar int);
ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of
transaction block


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