Simon Riggs wrote:
There is currently a performance tip to run ANALYZE after a pg_dump
script has been restored.

ISTM that pg_dump should default to have ANALYZE statements for a table,
when both table definition and data are dumped. If only data (-a) or
only table definition (-s) is dumped the default should be to *not* add
an ANALYZE statement.

There doesn't seem to be any reason to skip the ANALYZE, but I'll
implement it as an option. -z on | off --analyze=on | off

This would add a table-specific ANALYZE statement following each table's

I'm not aware of a strong argument against such an option. Performance
surely can't be one because the time saved on the ANALYZE will quickly
bite back on time lost on poorly planned queries.

What does the panel think?

how is this going to interact with the (now by default enabled) autovacuum daemon ?


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