Tom Lane wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
I think the proper fix is probably to establish a new eval_context
when we enter an EXCEPTION block, and destroy it again on the way out.
Slightly annoying, but probably small next to the other overhead of
a subtransaction.  Comments?

we use exception blocks heavily here so anything that makes them slower
is not nice but if it fixes the issue at hand I'm all for it ...

This turned out a bit uglier than I thought --- the real problem is that
plpgsql's "simple eval econtext" management is much too stupid to
survive in a subtransaction world.  There was a comment in the code
worrying about this, but I guess we never investigated closely.

The attached patch (against 8.2) appears to fix the reported problem,
but it could use some more testing before I push it into the stable
branches.  Can you try it in the production situation that exposed the
problem?  Aside from not failing, do you see any performance loss?

thanks - this seems to fix the problem on the development system but it might take a while to get some performance testing done.


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