Good memory you have and you exactly right.
Yes... the replication is using posgres's normal transactions ie 2 phase commits.... and it works like a dream. When moving data during replication, the locks are happening at record level, and its intrinsic to the postgres transaction machinery. ie postgres is deciding how 'fine grained' the locks should be, and doing all that other amazing MVCC stuff.

The part I'm toying with and struggling with is the start and stop, or the admin side of the replication. As it stands now, one has to start with identicle databases, then setup replication, and then the users come on. But now say I want to make a structural change... as it stands I have to claim the dB's back, fix them all, make sure they identicle, re-set up the replication, and then the users can come back on. Its that.... the dB's must be identicle on setting up replication, that I'm trying to get around. I think that when it comes to the structural side, I have to hold(LOCK) those dB's, while the software removes the replication, changes the structures of all the dB's, reinstalls the scripts and triggers... and I want to make that invisible to a system thats already active. Ideally the user software just delays for say 10 seconds, and in that time, 6 dB's have been restructured, checked and the replication restarted.

In terms of the set up I want to get it to... make those 5 dB's the same as this template and start or continue replicating.... becomes a mind twister. Thats the idea anyway... current version is at it works great, but you'll see it has a setup, breakdown problem on an active system.
Thx  4 the help Johnny

From: "Markus Schiltknecht" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
But I was thinking (climbing out of the wrong tree;)... I can just aquire exclusive locks on the tables, and hey presto, users are on hold while the software checks the dB's.

I'm sure, that's possible. However, I remember you were talking about replication, thus I have to add a warning: please keep in mind that this does not scale. You're most probably better using two phase commit, aren't you?



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