Gevik Babakhani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> At this moment the following is the list of the unused OIDs. For the
> uuid datatype I use a script for generating catalog entries. I can close
> some gaps there if the "masters" are okay with this. Are any OIDs
> reserved for later or any range can be used in this case?

My advice is not to try to fill in the gaps --- better to leave them
there so that if any other objects are created that're related to the
nearby ones, they can be assigned nearby OIDs.  If you've got a patch
that is going to use a bunch of OIDs for related purposes, it's better
to use a contiguous chunk of OIDs for it.

I believe that the bitmap-indexing patch is using OIDs starting at 3000
(at least that's the advice I gave them awhile back).  If you need less
than 50 you might start at 2950, else check that patch and start above
whatever they used.

                        regards, tom lane

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