Teodor Sigaev wrote:
>> Why is ltree still in contrib? What prevents it from being in core?
> Nothing. But I don't see any advantage of placing it in core - it
> changes nothing in SQL, API or feature. Moving tsearch2 into core allows
> to manage configuration with nice SQL API, using SysCache, automatical
> rereading dictionaries files etc.

The advantage is that *users* don't know ltree exists and when they find
out they term it, "User contributed","Non official","Unsupported"
because it is in contrib.

I recognize that this does play into Tom's extremely valid arguments on
modules/plugins and correctly documentation and advertising.


Joshua D. Drake

> IMHO, common problem for hstore/ltree/tsearch2 is a problem with public
> namespace is dump/restore. Users usually dump the whole db and restore
> it in new version. Even we make new version of contrib module with the
> same function, new function/feature will not be accessible.


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