On 1/25/2007 7:33 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
        1       fires always
        0       fires never
        N       fires in "Normal" mode
        R       fires in "Replica" mode
        other letters available for other future mode values?

If you consistently think of "origin" and "replica" modes then the
original proposal is better (using both 0 and O would be Real Bad),
but your use of "normal" and "replica" in the followup makes me wonder
which terminology is more common.

Yeah, I tried for a long time to stay away from terms like master and slave ... but in the end people don't understand you if you talk about origin and subscriber or replica. That's how this inconsistent terminology slipped into my vocabulary.

I personally don't care about the particular values. I could live with A, B, C, D. If people find 1, 0, N, R more explanatory, fine.


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