Ok, looking at your example:

WITH RECURSIVE foo (a,b) AS (subq) SEARCH BREADTH FIRST BY a,b , c(x,z),d(y,z) 
AS (subq) SELECT ...

What you're trying to say is that the c is a <with list element>,
not a <cycle column>. But the parser will see that as soon as it hits
the open parenthesis, since a <cycle column> is always just a column

Also, the AS is the <with list element> doesn't appear to be optional,
I assume you left that out after the c(x,z) for clarity.

I think bison should be able to handle this as long as the "name" in
common_table_expression matches exactly the same things as whatever
columnList uses. It can the merge the two parse paths, allowing it to
"see" further.

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