On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, John Bartlett wrote:
[regarding optional DBA/SysAdmin logging of Updateable Cursors]
> I can see where you are coming from but I am not sure if a new log entry
> would be such a good idea. The result of creating such a low level log could
> be to increase the amount of logging by a rather large amount.

Given that logging can be controlled via the contents of postgresql.conf,
this sounds like an answer from someone who's never had to support a
production environment; Putting a check for log_min_error_statement being
set to, say, info, hardly seems like a big burden to me. A casual study of
the controls in postgresql.conf reveals we already have many controlls to
get things logged when we want/need them - all of which were deemed
appropriate previously. So ISTM that if the DBA/SysAdmin thinks they need
the information, who are you to tell them, in effect, "No, I don't want
you to have to spend any of your machine's performace giving you the
information you need?"

Help your user by giving them information when they want it. ... Do you
argue that this is useless information?


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