> >> You're right - we need the copy in the postmaster (to setup shared
> >> memory and LW locks), and we need them in the backends too.
> > Just make sure you don't load the libraries in bgwriter et al ...
> I see that Korry's patch doesn't do that, but I'm wondering why exactly.
> In a Unix environment such libraries *would* be propagated into bgwriter
> and every other postmaster child; is there a reason for the setup on
> Windows to be different?  In particular, what about autovacuum, which
> ISTM should be as close to a standard backend as possible?

I thought about that too...  does autovacuum ever need to re-index?  If
so, it seems that it would need access to any index functions (for
function-based indexes) that might reside in a shared_preload_library.

> Either way we do it, authors of plugins used this way will have to test
> both cases (I'm glad I insisted on EXEC_BACKEND mode being testable under
> Unix ...)

And I'm glad that RequestAddinShmemSpace() and RequestAddinLWLocks()
don't complain if called after postmaster start :-)

            -- Korry

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