WHEN sfl.description IS NOT NULL THEN sfl.description
            WHEN sfl.description IS NULL THEN pa.attname::character varying
            ELSE pd.description::character varying
        END AS label
   FROM ONLY pg_class pc
   JOIN ONLY pg_attribute pa ON pc.oid = pa.attrelid AND pc.relnamespace = 
2200::oid AND pc.reltype > 0::oid AND (pc.relkind = 'r'::"char" OR 
pc.relkind = 'c'::"char" OR pc.relkind = 'v'::"char")
   JOIN ONLY pg_type pt ON pa.atttypid = pt.oid
   LEFT JOIN ONLY pg_description pd ON pc.oid = pd.objoid AND pa.attnum = 
   LEFT JOIN sys_flex_labels sfl ON pc.oid = sfl.table_oid::oid AND 
pa.attname::character varying::text = sfl.column_name::text
  WHERE pa.attnum > 0
  ORDER BY pc.relname::character varying, pa.attnum;

"Timasmith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> What query can I run to get the comments for my table columns.
> i.e. the ones on my 8.1 database added with this command:
> COMMENT ON COLUMN addresses.address_id IS 'Unique identifier for the
> addresses table';
> thanks
> Tim

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