Bruce Momjian schrieb:
Hannu Krosing wrote:
Officially by who ?

2.3 was the first version to introduce bool as a subtype of int, in
2.2.3 True and False were introduced as two variables pointing to
integers 1 and 0.

So to make your patch ok on all python versions, just make it
conditional on python version being 2.3 or bigger, and return int for

I thought about suggesting that, but do we want plpython to have
different result behavior based on the version of python used?  I didn't
think so.

Why not? Python2.2 is rarely in use anymore and users of this would get
the same behavior. Users of python2.3 and up would get the additionally
cleaned boolean interface - also users which go the from __future__ import ... way. Thats how python works and develops forth and we should
not work against that from postgres side.

So I'm indeed +1 for conditional approach.


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