Added to TODO:

* Fix problem when multiple subtransactions of the same outer transaction
  hold different types of locks, and one subtransaction aborts


Tom Lane wrote:
> Jim Nasby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > As for possibly using the in-memory store of multiple CIDs affecting  
> > a tuple, could that not work if that store contained enough  
> > information to 'rollback' the lock to it's original state when  
> > restoring to a savepoint? AFAIK other backends would only need to  
> > know what the current lock being held was, they wouldn't need to know  
> > the history of it themselves...
> One of the interesting problems is that if you upgrade shared lock to
> exclusive and then want to roll that back, you might need to un-block
> other processes that tried to acquire share lock after you acquired
> exclusive.  We have no way to do that in the current implementation.
> (Any such processes will be blocked on your transaction ID lock, which
> you can't release without possibly unblocking the wrong processes.)
>                       regards, tom lane
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