On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, NikhilS wrote:

> Hi,
> Indeed it does, apologies for not doing the entire groundwork. But what it
> also does is that it adds -O2 by default for gcc even when --enable-debug is
> specified. gdb is not able to navigate the stack traces properly with this
> optimization in place. Especially tracing of static functions becomes
> difficult. Has this issue been faced by anybody else? If so can try out a
> patch to avoid using O2 with enable-debug.

Yes, this is known. The thing with gcc is, it only emits some warnings at
-O2. I'm not that this is why we do not set optimisation to 0 but have
long assumed it to be the case. I imagine that it's fairly standard
practice for people doing debugging to CFLAGS=-O0 as an argument to

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