Csaba Nagy wrote:
The reason of the occasional orphan rows is not completely clear to me,
but it must be some kind of race condition while
inserting/deleting/?updating concurrently the parent/child tables.

I guess the following sequence would generate a orphaned row.
A: executes "insert into table_child parent_id=1"
B: executes "delete from table_parent where id=1"
A: RI trigger checks for matching row in table_parent
B: The row with id=1 is marked as deleted in table_parent
A: The new row with parent_id=1 is inserted into table_child
B: The delete is commited
A: The insert is comitted.

Any ordering that marks the row as deleted between the execution
of the ri-trigger and the insertion of the new row would lead
to the same result..

greetings, Florian Pflug

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