Ühel kenal päeval, P, 2007-02-04 kell 22:23, kirjutas Jim Nasby:
> On Feb 2, 2007, at 1:41 PM, Simon Riggs wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 23:57 -0600, Jim Nasby wrote:
> >> Has anyone actually measured the performance overhead of storing
> >> visibility info in indexes? I know the space overhead sounds
> >> daunting, but even if it doubled the size of the index in many cases
> >> that'd still be a huge win over having to scan the heap as well as
> >> the index (esp. for things like count(*)). There would also be
> >> overhead from having to update the old index tuple, but for the case
> >> of updates you're likely to need that page for the new index tuple
> >> anyway.
> >>
> >> I know this wouldn't work for all cases, but ISTM there are many
> >> cases where it would be a win.
> >
> > It would prevent any optimization that sought to avoid inserting rows
> > into the index each time we perform an UPDATE. 

Not always. If we do in-page update and keep the unchanged index entry
pointing to the first tuple inside the page, then the indexes visibility
info would still be valid for that tuple and also right for that field.

> Improving UPDATE
> > performance seems more important than improving count(*), IMHO.
> That depends on what you're doing; a large read-mostly table would  
> likely see a lot of benefit from being able to do covering index scans.

A large read-mostly table would also benefit from separating the
visibility info out to a compressed visibility heap.

> Of course this would have to be optional; there's lots of cases where  
> you wouldn't want the added index size.

Of course. All alternative ways of storing MVCC info should be optional
and user-selectable so DBA can test and select the most suitable one for
each usecase.

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