Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The consequence will be, though, that psql will accept a syntax for "\copy (query) ..." that the corresponding backend command would reject were we not transforming it. That strikes me as potentially confusing.

Perhaps.  What about plan B: remove the legacy syntax support in \copy?
IIRC it has not been documented since 7.2, so maybe we can finally throw
it overboard.  Thoughts?

I like it for 8.3 - but maybe my present patch would be better for 8.2, as it involves less behaviour change.

While we decide this issue, which can be worked around in any case, I am going to commit the part of the patch that nobody has objected to (and which will fix Michael's original complaint), on HEAD and 8.2 stable, so we can get some testing going.



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