Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >> I am not going to be spending my time on it and I doubt anyone else will.
> > 
> > Really, I thought there were a number of people who liked it.  New text
> > is:
> > 
> >         o Add \# to list and execute command history
> > 
> > Are you sure you want it removed?
> > 
> Well let me put it this way. I think my idea was good, I came up with it
> ;). There are others that felt it was good to.
> On reviewing the thread, you are correct and it should probably remain a
> TODO. I just won't get to it before feature freeze.

OK, merged TODO:

        o Add a \set variable to control whether \s displays line numbers

          Another option is to add \# which lists line numbers, and
          allows command execution.

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