Reading the post again I caught a typo in my query.  I had been playing
with variations of this test to try and get it working, but I have had no
success with any combination as long as it returns this kind of type.

I was comparing integers to uniqueidentiers, which actually works, but is
unrelated to the issue.

Should be:

> CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION test.break_guid (numlower integer, numupper
> integer) RETURNS SETOF test.guid_plus AS
> $$
>     x RECORD;
>     gplus_ret test.guid_plus;
>     FOR x IN SELECT id,num FROM test.guid_table WHERE num > numlower AND
> < numupper LOOP
>         gplus_ret :=
> (,x.num::integer)::test.guid_plus;
>         -- I usually do the following: (but tried above with same result)
>         --   gplus_ret := (,x.num);
>         RETURN NEXT gplus_ret;
>     END LOOP;
>     RETURN;
> END;
> $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

Jonathan Gray

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