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I thought that the following todo item just barely missed 8.2:
"Allow a warm standby system to also allow read-only statements [pitr]
No, it's a someday-wishlist item; the work involved is not small.

Slony1 has supported log-shipping replication for about a year now. It
provides similar functionality.

Yes but Slony is much more complicated, has significantly more administrative overhead, and as far as I can tell is much more likely to impact my production system than this method would.

Slony is a lot more flexible and powerful but I don't need that. I just want a backup that is reasonably up to date that I can do queries on and and failover to in case of hardware failure on my primary db.

I am going to be looking more closely at Slony now that it seems to be the best option for this. I am not looking forward to how it will complicate my life though. (Not saying it is bad, just complicated. At least more complicated than simple postgres log shipping.

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