Jim Nasby wrote:
> On Feb 5, 2007, at 8:19 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> >"Simon Riggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >>My suggestions would be
> >>1. "Database system has completed recovery" and
> >>2. "Database system is ready to accept connections"
> >
> >The second was in fact the wording I had in mind, sorry for not being
> >clear.  As to the first, the question is whether a log message at
> >that specific point has any use.  It's not "completion of recovery",
> >exactly, since we go through that spot whether it's a normal startup
> >or  recovery (and there is another log message when we actually do
> >any WAL replay).  AFAICS it's a fairly randomly chosen place in a
> >long sequence of  Things That Must Happen.  Part of the reason Markus
> >is seeing a race  condition is that this isn't the last thing done
> >before the startup subprocess exits --- see BootstrapMain.  So I'm
> >for just getting rid of it.
> It is useful to know if the database had to do recovery, though, and  
> if it did do recovery, it would be useful to know how long it took if  
> the subsequent startup took a real amount of time.

That's already logged elsewhere, so there's no loss of functionality.

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