On 2/6/07, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If the extension installs everything in dedicated namespace(s), I think
we would want to have an option to add those namespaces easily to search
paths. Right now all we can do is to set a search path. It would be
nice, for example, to have support for appending or prepending something
to the search path.

I suspect most apps/extensions don't currently use namespaces much, or
we might well have seen more demand in this area.

I still do not understand why is it so needed.
Your argument is "some apps aren't able to call functions as
schemaname.functionname(arg1, arg2, ..)", right? First of all, I do
not think that the number of such apps is huge. Second, this is really
the problem of those apps themselves.

I still think that separate namespaces for extensions is a good idea
while adjusting search_path is not. I've explained my POV in details
several messages ago in this thread...

Separation of extensions with fully specified names
"schemaname.functionname(...)" is good improvement (for simplification
and clarity) and  while adjusting search_path should be DBA/DBD's
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