Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Beluga just failed:

Wow, that is a really interesting failure, because it implies that the
stats collector had seen the seqscan report but not the indexscan report:

  WHERE st.relname='tenk2' AND cl.relname='tenk2';
   ?column? | ?column? | ?column? | ?column? 
!  t        | t        | t        | t
  (1 row)
  SELECT st.heap_blks_read + st.heap_blks_hit >= pr.heap_blks + cl.relpages,
--- 105,111 ----
   WHERE st.relname='tenk2' AND cl.relname='tenk2';
   ?column? | ?column? | ?column? | ?column? 
!  t        | t        | f        | f
  (1 row)
  SELECT st.heap_blks_read + st.heap_blks_hit >= pr.heap_blks + cl.relpages,

I haven't seen that too many times, if at all.

> The delay seems too short though:
> LOG:  wait_for_stats delayed 0.000748 seconds

This indicates there wasn't any delay, ie, on the first examination
pgstat.stat had a different size from what it had been at the "CREATE
TEMP TABLE prevfilesize" command.  [ thinks about that for awhile ]
Oh, I see the problem: at the instant of checking the file size the
first time, the stats collector must have been already in process of
writing a new version of the file, which had some but not all of the
updates we want.  And if that happened to be a different size from the
older version, we could fall through the wait as soon as it got
installed.  So this waiting mechanism isn't good enough: it proves that
a new set of stats has been *installed* since we started waiting, but
it doesn't provide any guarantee about when the computation of that set
started.  Back to the drawing board ...

If we had the suggested pg_stat_reset_snapshot function, then we could
wait until the indexscan count changes from the prior reading, which
would provide a more bulletproof synchronization approach.  So maybe I
should just go do that.  I had hoped to find a technique that was
potentially backpatchable into at least the last release or two, but
maybe there's no chance.

                        regards, tom lane

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