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"Simon Riggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The basic idea is that when a tuple is UPDATEd we can, in certain
circumstances, avoid inserting index tuples for a tuple. Such tuples are
marked HEAP_ONLY_TUPLE, but their storage is otherwise identical to
other tuples.

What is VACUUM FULL going to do when it wants to move one of these things?

I suppose it could move the whole chain to the same target page, if there is one with enough space to accommodate the whole chain. Or we could just cop out and not move tuples marked with HEAP_ONLY_TUPLE. I think that would be acceptable; after the last transaction that can see the old tuple is finished, the old tuple is dead. After that, VACUUM FULL can remove the old tuple and move the remaining tuple as usual.

CREATE INDEX requires some careful work to allow it to identify and
correctly index HEAP_ONLY_TUPLEs that need to become ~HEAP_ONLY_TUPLE as
a result of the new index.

I think you've glossed over the CREATE INDEX problem much too easily.
The difficulty with that is going to be that de-HOT-ifying a tuple
is going to require multiple updates that can't possibly be put into
a single WAL record, and I don't think that WAL replay can clean up
after an incomplete update (since it can't run user-defined functions
and hence cannot be expected to compute index entries for itself).
So I don't think you can do that while preserving crash safety.

Yeah, chilling tuples from HOT state to normal tuples is not easy.

One solution I thought of is to add another flag to heap tuples, CHILL_IN_PROGRESS. To chill a tuple, you would:

1. Mark heap tuple with CHILL_IN_PROGRESS
2. Insert missing index entries

Index scans would ignore tuples with CHILL_IN_PROGRESS and directly pointed to from the index. That way if we crash in the middle of step 2, scans and updates would work normally after replay, as if the index entries weren't there. CREATE INDEX would have to fail if there's any CHILL_IN_PROGRESS tuples, because we wouldn't know which index entries need to be inserted; some might already be there. To clear the CHILL_IN_PROGRESS flag, a vacuum would be needed. Vacuum would remove all index entries for those tuples, but instead of removing the heap tuple in the 2nd scan it would just clear the CHILL_IN_PROGRESS flag, bringing us back to where we started.

However, the easiest solution would be to make CREATE INDEX wait until the old tuple is dead. That should be ok at least for concurrent CREATE INDEX, because it already has that kind of a wait between 1st and 2nd phase.

Removing the root tuple will require a VACUUM *FULL*.

That seems unacceptable ... it won't take too long for your table to
fill up with stubs, and we don't want to return to the bad old days
when periodic VACUUM FULL was unavoidable.


  Heikki Linnakangas

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