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IF I run the following with the a < 2900 condition first, the more
expensive EXISTS only gets executed when needed, but if I change the
order of the OR's, the EXISTS is always executed. It would be good if
the optimizer could re-order the OR conditions based on estimated
cost (granted, this wouldn't work very well if you've got functions
in the OR, but it'd still be useful):

I looked at this for a bit.  It's in principle do-able but I'm not
sure it's a good idea.  The problem is that while AND'ed condition
lists are usually fairly short and hence cheap to sort, OR'ed condition
lists are not infrequently very long --- nobody blinks an eye at
hundreds of items in an IN-list for instance.  I'm afraid we'd waste
a lot more cycles sorting than we could hope to regain.

Do people actually do that with OR lists though? My understanding is that now IN lists are converted to arrays, so I'd think that wouldn't be an issue there.

Is it easy for the planner to discern between simple OR expressions and stuff like EXISTS? If so it might be worth automatically pushing EXISTS to the end...
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