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Peter Eisentraut wrote:
The issue of XML export has been discussed a few times throughout
history.  Right now you've got the HTML output in psql.  A few
people have proposed "real" XML output formats in psql or elsewhere.

I dug out some old code today that implements what SQL/XML has to say
on the matter and fitted the code to work with the current XML support
in the backend.

Below are examples of what it can do. I'm thinking about hosting this
on PgFoundry, but if the crowd thinks this should be somewhere else,
short of the moon, let me know.

Integrated, native XML support can only help PostgreSQL. IMO, I want
this in core.

Agreed. In the server would be more useful to more people I think. It would be really convenient to be able to have "no effort" XML results sets to queries.

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