Thanks for your advices !
OK, I will submit a patch as soon as possible.
In the patch, Sigres will be activated by postgresql.conf.

Best Regards,

-- Hideyuki

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(Hideyuki Kawashima) wrote:
> I appreciate your great suggestion!
> It is great honor for me if Sigres will be merged to PostgreSQL.
> Since the changes of Sigres from PostgreSQL-8.2.1 are not many,
> and moreover, all of changes are surrounded with #ifdef SIGRES --- #endif,
> incorporating Sigres into PostgreSQL would be easy.

You should consider submitting a patch for this against CVS HEAD.

And actually, I'd think it a better idea to define a GUC variable and
use that to control whether Sigres is active or not.

At the more sophisticated end of the spectrum, you might set things up
so that it could be activated/deactivated at runtime by a superuser.

At the less sophisticated end, it might need to be configured in
-- output = ("cbbrowne" "@" "")
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