I have a project I'm working on that involves a deep look at WAL and checkpoint performance; a patch related to this topic will be ready to release shortly. The company I'm working for was kind enough to allow me to release the documentation I wrote for them while trying to understand the code involved, and I just posted the first public version of that to my web site:


As most of the hacker-level documentation I've read about the PostgreSQL codebase was aimed more at query and data type related work, this topic seemed liked it could use some more coverage. I apologize for the crappy Word->HTML conversion; wanted to get a draft out rather than delaying for reformatting work first. My agenda here includes:

1) Would love to get feedback and corrections. I know there's errors in there but can't think of anyone but this group who could tell me what they are.

2) Does anyone else have documentation on this topic they might contribute now that I've started a framework for it, or documentation suggestions for what else should be convered here? I can't be the only one who's looked into this topic, but I didn't find much information on it out there.

3) I'm open to suggestions for where to put this information at in a form more integrated into the community. That's part of why I didn't sweat the formatting yet, I'm expecting at least one more format conversion before I'm done.

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